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Consequences for said misbehaviors are generally greater for brats than for civilian counterparts, perhaps because the brat's behavior likely becomes part of the military member's record.

Patterns of misbehavior can undermine a parent’s promotion or preferred duty assignment. military families to display "duty rosters" on the refrigerator and to enforce parent-conducted room inspections. Traditionally, military children address adults with “sir” or “ma'am," and they are expected to answer the family phone with extreme formality.

Historically, military children were known as “camp followers.” Though origin of the term, "military brat," is unknown, some evidence suggests that, originally, the label stood for "British Regiment Attached Traveler.” American “military brats” date back to birth of the United States.

In her research, sociologist Karen Williams used the term reluctantly in order to "follow the wishes of participants.” You see, while non-military personnel find the term "brat" impudent, it has been reclaimed linguistically as a positive term of affection within the ranks of the military.

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Rather than develop problem-solving skills, there is a temptation simply to leave a problem behind without resolving it.Even more, continuity in core curricula is interrupted, resulting in instructional gaps.A student who excelled at one school may feel inadequate upon entering a larger, more academically rigorous one; and, adding to the stress, previously completed coursework may fail to fulfill graduation requirements.TCKs integrate aspects of one’s birth culture (the first culture) with a new and different culture to which he is exposed (the second culture).When merged, the two create a unique "third culture." Studies show that third culture kids move frequently, often hundreds or thousands of miles away from what’s familiar.Unlike the public school system, a typical military school can experience up to fifty percent turnover every year; and base schools reach one hundred percent turnover in only two years.Recent studies show that mobility during the school year may be less traumatic than summer time moves.The modern military has a larger proportion of married military members.For the “travelling child,” home is where the family is.If a brat does not like somebody, he knows that in short order the problem will likely disappear.Among a minority of military brats, there is a higher than average incidence of Avoidant Personality Disorder and Separation Anxiety Disorder.

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