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People with this disorder are characterized by an extreme interest in being the focus of attention and feel very bad when they are not. They are very emotional, charming, manipulative, demanding, energetic and impulsive people.

Their emotional expression is exaggerated and often feigned. Their moods, beliefs, and opinions are often fleeting and transient or influenced by others.

This may be because women are more likely to actually have this disorder, or because they are more likely to seek professional help.

People with this disorder can carry out a series of “schemes” to gain the attention of others.

Above all, HPD is driven by feelings: Although their moods may rapidly change, people with HPD tend to regard everything through the lens of emotion, which in turn drives their dramatic actions.

HPD is characterized by attention-seeking behavior — the kind that goes beyond trying to out-diva the other theater kids in high school. National Library of Medicine, one of the signs of HPD is "acting or looking overly seductive," which is wrapped up in the need to be the center of attention.

We're talking hugely dramatic displays to maintain your status as the center of attention, whether it's negative or positive: Starting screaming matches in public, making up stories about alien abduction, and other behaviors that would make a lot of reality TV stars proud and everyone else uncomfortable. After all, nothing turns heads like publicly challenging sexual norms. sexual seductiveness in inappropriate situations, including social, occupational and professional relationships beyond what is appropriate," Psychology Today explains.

This causes significant discomfort in various areas of the person’s life (social, work, school, family, etc.), and/or those around them.

Many times, unlike other mental disorders in which the sufferer perceives real suffering, a person with a histrionic personality disorder is unlikely to realize his or her problem.

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