Dating a girl out of your league

One guy said he was with his wife and kids, and he went to the washroom.

When he came back, there was already a guy trying to pick up his wife (in front of their kids).

I can understand that, but feeling proud when other guys hit on her? Even though this reaction is a little more sane than feeling about so many guys hitting on your girlfriend, it can go too far.

Maybe it's a status thing– the feeling that you have it better than everyone else might make some guys feel proud. After the tenth guy has hit on your girl in front of you, you'll start to get a little uneasy. Seeing so many guys trying to take your hot girlfriend away from you would be enough to make any guy break out in cold sweats.Well, for a lot of guys out there this is more than just a fantasy– it's real life.But are they really living the dream, or does the girl of their dreams become a nightmare?, suggests research from the University of Texas at Austin.In the study, judges rated couples who started dating soon after they met as pretty comparable in attractiveness.Actually, it's kind of a catch-22, because you getting suspicious of her cheating will drive her away, making her more likely to cheat.And unless she's got the best personality ever and is totally loyal (which is extremely rare), she's always going to have that nagging feeling at the bottom of her mind that tells her she can do better than you.The truth is that it totally depends on the relationship, the girl, and the guy.It can be the best thing in the world, or it can be one of the worst relationships ever.And even then, it's been limited to super-attractive women dating less-attractive men in the pursuit of money and/or fame.But logic tells us this paradigm is completely outdated, because looks actually , it's been proven that "good-looks disparities" are common between couples, and often make for a lasting relationship (because, you know, personality).

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