Datagridview cell validating cancel

Since you have not added your new row yet it should validate OK.Or if not, then it is because the user has entered an invalid value in the current cell. Something there is causing the cell validating event to fire. [Edit] The validating event is firing because focus is being moved from the DGV to the button.I wear a lot of hats - Developer, Database Administrator, Help Desk, etc., so I know a lot of things but not a lot about one thing.

For instance, if column with index 2 is read only and you dont want to validate cells in that column you could use: If you have attached an event handler to the Cell Validating event then it will always fire when focus leaves the cell.Or if not, then it is because the user has entered an invalid value in the current cell."The validating event is firing because focus is being moved from the DGV to the button.I understand that using the Cell Validating has a drawback.Once a error is found, the error must be corrected before the form can be closed.Moving focus from the text box to any other control on the form will fire the validating event ( that too if the Causes Validation property of the control receiving focus is set to true.True is by the way the default setting) Now for the solution: When a control belongs to a parent control - you should set the causes validation of the Parent to false, if you want the kind of behaviour I wanted.There are two ways to manage unwanted execution of event handlers. Data Grid View Cell Validating Event Args' does not contain a constructor that takes '1' arguments" what is the solution for this???????1) Add a conditional statement in the event handler code to only execute when required. Cell Validating -= new Data Grid View Cell Validating Event Args(dgv Sub Contractor_Cell Validating); it says that "Error 7 'System. hey what do ouy mena by the below private void data Grid View1_Cell Validating(object sender, Data Grid View Cell Validating Event Args e) if (adding Row) - is to call the button event for adding a new row is it every time the cell validating event triggers and a value is entered in the datagridview cell right??Experts Exchange gives me answers from people who do know a lot about one thing, in a easy to use platform." -Todd S. The two issues do deal with validation but they are very different and they are not linked. Causes Validation Property: Gets or sets a value indicating whether the control causes validation to be performed on any controls that require validation when it receives focus.The Cancel buttons Causes Validation does not refer to the behaviour implemented by Cell Validating event on the Data Grid View. For all who tried to answer - Thanks for the attention. But for the record and others who may stumble upon , I am writing this note.

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