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Others argue that the story simply shows what can happen if the priests do not follow God's instructions given through Moses. Miriam was punished with skin disease (leprous), that turned her skin white.

Aaron pleaded with Moses to intercede for her, and Miriam, after seven days' quarantine, was healed. According to Numbers 16-17, a Levite named Korah led many in challenging Aaron's exclusive claim to the priesthood.

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The books of Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers maintain that Aaron received from God a monopoly over the priesthood for himself and his male descendants (Exodus 28:1).

The family of Aaron had the exclusive right and responsibility to make offerings on the altar to the God of Israel.

The rest of his tribe, the Levites, were given subordinate responsibilities within the sanctuary (Numbers 3).

Moses anointed and consecrated Aaron and his sons to the priesthood, and arrayed them in the robes of office (Leviticus 8; cf. He also related to them God's detailed instructions for performing their duties while the rest of the Israelites listened (Leviticus 1-7, 11-27).

The book of Ezekiel, which devotes much attention to priestly matters, calls the priestly upper class the Zadokites after one of King David's priests.

It does reflect a two-tier priesthood with the Levites in subordinate position.

A two-tier hierarchy of Aaronides and Levites appears in Ezra, Nehemiah and Chronicles.

Knowledge of Aaron, along with his brother Moses, comes exclusively from religious texts, such as the Bible and Qur’an.

The Hebrew Bible relates that, unlike Moses, who grew up in the Egyptian royal court, Aaron and his elder sister Miriam remained with their kinsmen in the eastern border-land of Egypt (Goshen).

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