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, Mary said yes, please dont stop, with that Billy continued to lick her pussy, Mary started to shutter, Oh Billy that feels good, dont stop, I feel like Im going to burst, with that Billy started licking faster, then he surprised her and started spanking her little pussy, first with small little taps, and then getting harder, Mary was groaning, spank it harder, Billy started smacking her little pussy with everything he had.

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Billy was close to Cumming, As Mary was sucking his dick, Billy told Mary, I should make you my slave, I would make you suck my big dick while Im spanking your little pussy, Id make you do things that you never dreamed of, With that Billy blew cum in her mouth, Billy looked down at her and told her swallow, every drop, Mary swallowed, looking up at Billy she released his dick and said where you for real about spanking my pussy and making me a slave? , Mary thinking ( ok Ill take a chance) ok, lets go over here, behind those bushes, nobody can see, finding the correct spot Mary hiked up her dress and proceeded to pee, Billy stood there and watched, when she was finished, she looked up at Billy and said now what?With that Billy took her hand and walked her over to a log that was laying on the ground, now sit on the end of the log and close your eyes, Mary closed her eyes and Billy got down on his knees and preceded to lick on her little pussy, Marys eyes popped open and looked down at Billy, oh Billy that feels so good, what are you doing, Billy stopped and looked at her and told her, Im cleaning your pussy, do you like it?Art Of Erotica - Erotic Art Resource Directory Online directory guide to the internets greatest erotic art site listings in fine art, photography, adult cartoons, literature, body art, fantasy, film and history. Also featured artists, galleries, articles and news. 100% original and exclusive 3D art-works of best artists: JAG27/BELLIMAN, Daemon3D, Leshiy, Igor X, Kimer and other... Angered and horny, he gagged her with her apron, pressed her hands to the wall and started tearing off her clothes biting her nipples and pulling up her panties that painfully cut between her pussy lips.She tried to break away from his hands, but he then tossed her to the floor and forced her to sex.Dad had stopped the car in front of the school, Mary jumped out, I'll walk home after school, see ya tonight.Mary started running to class, getting half way there she tripped, falling flat on her face, her dress flew over head, exposing her, rolling over trying to regain her composer, a young boy came over to help, getting a good look, Mary turning red, tried to cover herself, he picked up her backpack and extended his hand, here let me help, My name is Billy, Im new in school, Mary took his hand and got up, I'm Mary, Billy said I'm trying to find room#115, Mary could have fainted, Thats the same home room I'm going to, come with me, Mary looked at Billy, I have one favor to ask please don't say anything to anybody, Billy agreed. Part 1 Mary was a eighteen year old, with a nasty mind, finding her parents porn mags in the garage, is what got her started, Looking through them, seeing the many pics of people in different position, page after page, reaching down the front of her pants and slowly rubbing her self, touching her special button, rubbing it in slow small circles, thinking that feels real good, then she saw another chapter of woman getting her pussy spanked, reading the caption, spank it harder, Mary thought I wonder, why would she want her pussy spanked, page after page she read, looking at each pic, Pulling down her pants down to ankles, she started to lightly spank her self, thinking oh that feels different, as she ventured more, she started to hit a bit harder, oh I like this, thinking to her self, looking down at the mag, now understanding why, Mary heard her name called, time for dinner, Mary quickly got dressed, stashed her mags in her favorite hiding spot.It was Friday morning and Mary was in a rush, getting up late for high school, jumping in the shower and her parents telling her, hurry up your going to be late, putting on her dress, her dad came in to her room, where late, put your shoes on and get in the car, I'll take you, Mary grabbed her backpack and ran to the car, jumping into the back seat, Mary had remembered she hadn't put any panties on, Thinking to herself, ( oops, wouldn't be the first time, I'll have to be careful what I'll do during the day).

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