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For the individual marking of microaneurysms, images will be annotated by two specialists in each ophthalmology department.If there is only a slight difference between departments, we will retain the marking proposed by the department that has provided the images; if there is a significant difference, we will try to reach an agreement between the different departments and/or new rules for selecting microaneurysms will be proposed.This database will contain about a thousand images. All images in the evaluation set will be annotated in the same way as for the training set.On a hundred of them, microaneurysms, exudates and hemorrhages will be marked individually as in the training set.Copy, redistribution, and any unauthorized commercial use are prohibited. The 1200 images are packaged in 3 sets, one per ophthalmologic department.Any researcher reporting results that use this database must acknowledge the Messidor program by adding the following information: Decencière et al.. Each set is divided into 4 zipped sub sets containing each 100 images in TIFF format and an Excel file with medical diagnoses for each image.A form with personal information needs to be completed to download the databases.If you have trouble downloading the database please contact the maintainer of this database.

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To ensure the utmost protection of patient privacy, information that might allow the identity of a patient to be reconstructed has been removed, and we have no actual knowledge that the images could be used alone or in combination to identify any subject.To minimize any further risk of breach of privacy, the use of this database is restricted to individuals or organizations that obtained the database directly from this website.Other databases with retinal images are available on the following sites: For the sake of consistency with research work based on the Messidor database before these mistakes were noticed, it was decided NOT to fix them in the downloadable Messidor database.Within the scope of diabetic retinopathy, the primary purposes of the Messidor project is to compare and evaluate both a.) the various segmentation algorithms developed for the detection of lesions present in color retinal images and b.) the tools to index and manage the image databases.Messidor is a research program funded by the French Ministry of Research and Defense within a 2004 TECHNO-VISION program.These examinations will be performed in the four ophthalmology departments involved in the program.To make their diagnosis, ophthalmologists are generally using a central picture and two peripheral pictures of the retina.The task of correcting them in the database before using it is the user's responsibility.Among the image duplicates in Base 33 (see 16 August 2017 erratum), 2 of them have inconsistent grades: We would like to thank Renoh Johnson Chalakkal (University of Auckland) and Jean-Claude Klein for pointing out and confirming these inconsistencies.To evaluate a method used for automated detection and image interpretation, it is necessary to compare the result that is obtained by this method with a reference that is considered to be the ground truth.This raises two questions: To determine the number of microaneurysms, the stage of retinopathy, the degree of exudation and the level of hemorrhage, all images of the training and the evaluation sets will be analysed by all the ophthalmology departments involved in the project and annotated with respect to their conclusions.

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