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I hesitated his religion would be an issue if we did date since I am not religious. Thats 11 years younger then my dad, 20 years older then me. I barely know him and he thinks it’s appropriate to talk like that before our first day.

So not only is he an old man, but he’s a perverted hypocrite. I have never been so disrespected or creeped out by a guy in my life. Even after I tried to change the subject he tells me he wanted to know if I knew how good it felt.

I feel the process of making this documentary has encouraged me to look past what I typically wouldn’t do or say and take a chance with love.

I’m not sure if its a coincidence or if I send off a vibe to guys like a cat in heat, but it seems like recently I been receiving more attention then necessarily wanted. I know the work that would have to go into a relationship with two disabled people, especially if he is physically worse then myself.

Larry continues to tell me how he wants to “go down” on me. I made sure he understood he wasn’t getting any of my goods because I’m not that type of girl.

He perceives himself to be an innocent Christian man on FB which then irritated me more by what he was saying. He sure wouldn’t tell me how he likes to “go down”.

جدارٌ مشى جدارٌ سيَمشي، جدارٌ هرَبْ ولا شيء غير جدارٍ يقومُ بوجهي …

I could tell Larry was uncomfortable making dialog with me. Of course I fall in the role of carrying the conversation. ” I always answer by replying if I knew why I was single I wouldn’t be.He said I should feel flattered that he wants to be sexual with me. He also had the great idea of me painting while he “went down” on me. Not that I’m against anything sexual, but let me get to know you first before you try and get in my pants. So my question is, aren’t there any real MEN out there? I knew from then on this guy was a creep and there was no way I was going to go on a date with a guy that thought he could talk to me in such a manner. * عبدالله البردوني لماذا العدوُّ القصيُّ اقتربْ؟ لأنَّ القريبَ الحبيب اغتربْ لأنَّ الفراغَ اشتهى الإِمتلاءَ بشيءٍ فجاء سِوى المُرتَقبْ لأنَّ المُلقّن واللَّاعبين ونظّارةَ العرض هُم من كَتبْ *** لماذا استشاطَ زحام الرَّمادِ؟ تذَكَّر أعراقَه فاضطربْ لأن (أبا لهبٍ) لم يمُتْ وكلُّ الذي مات ضوءُ اللَّهبْ فقام الدخان مكان الضياء له ألف رأسٍ وألفا ذَنَبْ *** لأنَّ الرياح اشترت أوجهاً رجاليَّةً والغبار انتَحَبْ أضاعت (أزل) بَنِيها غَدتْ لكلِّ دَعِيٍّ كأُمٍّ وأبْ وأقْعَت، لها قلبُ فاشيَّةٍ ووجهٌ عليه سِمات العربْ *** فهل تلك صَنعا؟ يفِرُّ اسمها أمام التحرِّي، ويعوي النَّسَبْ وراء السِّتار الظّفاري عيونٌ صليبيةٌ، وفَمٌ مُكْتَسَبْ عجوزٌ تئِنُّ بعصر الجليد وتلبسُ آخر ما يُجْتَلبْ لماذا الذي كان ما زال يأتي؟ لأنَّ الذي سوف يأتي ذهبْ لأنّ الوجوه استحالتْ ظهوراً تُفتّش عن لونها المُغتَصَبْ لأنّ المُغنِّي أحبَّ كثيراً كثيراً، ولم يدْرِ ماذا أحَبْ *** لماذا تُمنِّي الظروف الحنين فتُغري وتعرض غير الطلبْ *** تَغِلُّ العواسج في كُلِّ آنٍ وفي كلِّ عامٍ يَغِلُّ العِنبْ لماذا، لماذا ركامٌ يمرُّ ركامٌ يلي دون أدنى سببْ؟!ويستنفِر الغضب الحمحمات قليلاً، ويعتاد يُعيى الغضبْ ويُحصى الطريق …At one point he wanted me to pick where we would spend our date, but I made sure he got the point that I’m old school and if you invite me out, you better plan it.He had also mentioned he would pick me up, but that was also a no-no on my list of things to never do. I wasn’t as excited as I thought I would be, being that it was my first date ever going on.Along with my long list of “never”, you can add the physical aspects that go into a romantic relationship such as never being kissed or being sexually promiscuous.I figure since I’m only a few weeks shy to my twentieth birthday, I’m still young and I have time to experience love and find my soul mate.Being the typical girl that I am, I saw his name and assumed the text would read something in the lines of how he looks forward to our date.No, instead it read, “So, do you get physical Chloe?

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