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So I could make 10 or 15 women happy in one night instead of just one.For me at the end of the day it all comes down to the reviews I get after appointments with my men.So give serendipity a little nudge in the right direction by joining Lovestruck™ today.Garren James possesses the rugged good looks of the boy next door but look a little closer and you’ll find a handsome businessman with extraordinary sex appeal and old fashioned charm.Thousands of people are getting Lovestruck After a few months on Lovestruck, we met each other and after a few dates we knew we'd found something special.After two months we were on our first holiday, and after five months we'd moved in together. Four years on, we have just had the most incredible holiday in Spain where we got married and cannot believe this incredible life journey all thanks to Lovestruck.So you can meet them for half an hour over a coffee or something stronger to see if there's any chemistry.Just search our Little Black Book for someone who pops your cork, get in contact, have some sparkling repartee and arrange to meet for a date in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh... There are so many great places in the UK to meet up for that first date.

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Or you may prefer our highly acclaimed singles events, which are fun and full to the brim with gorgeous singles.

Profile validation Our free profile verification service helps us confirm that Members are single, professional and local by checking their various social media IDs on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.

You'll receive a higher level of interest and a more open level of communication with a verified status – resulting in more dates!

Specializing in straight male escorts for women, Cowboys for Angels has the reputation of providing the well-rounded date experience for women desiring intellectual conversation with handsome and attentive men.

If the aforementioned sparks your curiosity, you’ll want a better view of the men offering their time for a price.

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