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However close her friends may be, they may not know her as intimately as members of her own family do.

If she acknowledges her longing for closeness, it would make her feel too angry at your dad to live with him peacefully or too sad about where her life is ending up.

As a member of the family, she feels more able to impose on you than on other people she knows. If your father died within the last five years, she may be having difficulty with the loss. But some people grieve for three to five years following the death of someone significant in their lives.

Some people never seem to get through it and need professional help. People don’t necessarily have to die for her to be grieving.

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If she is widowed or if your dad is distant and uncommunicative, she may be longing for your company.

If your mom is taking care of her 80-something-year-old parent who is failing or if your dad is sick or if a disabled sibling is suffering early dementia, for example, your mom may be having difficulty managing the new reality.

If she is losing her closest friend to cancer or is trying to cook and clean for people she cares about who are ill on top of managing her job and home, she may be overwhelmed by both what’s called “anticipatory grief” and by the added chores.

Feeling so out of control of these events, she may be exerting some control where she can – on you. People with social phobia are fearful of being judged by others or fearful that they will embarrass themselves in some way if they are among people who don’t know them well.

As long as she has a child or two with her (even an adult child), a socially phobic mom can keep the focus off her and on you.

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