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As a result of her painful past, Nureha is a very lonely woman who suffers from cripplingly-low self-esteem.She is easily manipulated by Indicus, who often verbally abuses her by saying no-one will ever love her.He also claims that he can give her what she wants more effectively as an enemy than as a friend.However, Nureha gladly accepts this and vows to make Shiroe hers one day.She has wavy black hair and white skin, with a indigo-black dress made of crow's feathers.In her Dariella disguise, she either has blond hair (anime, volume 8) or black hair (volume 5), but still maintains her alluring looks.Ting met his victim, Wong Ka-mui, 16, through a compensated-dating website.The murder took place at Ting's flat on Shek Kip Mei Street.

Nureha is a rather curvaceous woman who blatantly uses her appealing looks to attract men in conjunction with her Courtesan subclass to get people to do her bidding.

Nureha (real name: Touko Hagio) is one of the main antagonists of the light novel and anime series, Log Horizon.

She is a veteran player of Elder Tales and the Guild Master of Plant Hwyaden.

, but I need to mention how huge the topic of marriage is in Japan.

There's a whole culture called 婚活 (translates to "marriage activity") where people work their butts off to find a suitable partner.

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