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Sexual assault prevention and outreach is a major focus in the Defense Department, and a new anonymous chat tool called Safe Helproom is specifically helping military men who have experienced unwanted sexual contact.

Chat Counselor Matching Take a questionnaire and be matched with a therapist specific to your needs.Availability There's usually always someone ready to hear from you.(wait times vary) Chat Gifted Readers Get caring advice from a higher perspective.The Do D estimates that about 6,300 military men experienced some kind of sexual assault in 2016.Statistics show that far fewer men are likely to report those assaults than women.“We know that men often prefer to receive information and resources anonymously while they consider their next step,” said Inch, who is also the director of Safe Helpline.“During Men’s Safe Help Room sessions, men can learn about what worked or didn’t work for other men in the aftermath of experiencing a sexual assault, regardless of when the assault occurred.” Safe Helpline offers other resources for male victims, including frequently asked questions on their website.Many military men who experience sexual assault are also wary of retaliation or repercussions from their chains of command, and even peers, if they do report incidents.Safe Helpline is a crisis support service for all sexual assault survivors in the Do D community, providing support and information in a confidential, anonymous and secure atmosphere.The reality, though, is that men are assaulted, too.This misperception makes it a trauma that’s extremely hard for men to open up about.

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