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”As the evil al-Bashir stayed in power, Mia came to believe that creating a museum devoted to the people of Darfur could be a significant contribution.

She considered the trip “life-changing,” and she began to read voraciously about Africa, especially the massacre in Rwanda, she says, and quickly became disgusted with Pope John Paul II: “It is a Catholic country, and yet the Pope had done nothing to end [the killings]. —if he had taken over the radio airwaves, he could have said, ‘Lay down your machetes.’ ” She pauses and adds, “He is getting canonized.”What really goaded Mia was a 2004 op-ed by Samantha Power, currently the U. Mia began blogging on her Web site, posting videos, and taking photographs to document the horrors she witnessed.“I felt he gave me a sense of stepping up and assuming responsibility beyond my own family as a citizen.I stopped thinking only of my own lifeboat.” Of both men she says, “I think the bigger question is what did they find in me?Grounded in her human-rights work, Mia Farrow can look back at another triumph—the loving home she created for 14 adopted and biological children.But she must also continue to deal with the wreckage from the sensational scandal that almost rent it apart 20 years ago.Anxious that Allen might cause her harm, Mia told me, she confessed her fears on the phone to Sinatra.“Don’t worry about it,” he said, and shortly thereafter she got a call from a man who told her, “Don’t talk on the phone. “I even looked up the word ‘sedan.’ ”The car pulled up at the appointed hour; the back door flew open, and the driver motioned for her to get in. He had an entire floor for publicity at his publicists’. We own the Teamsters.”He gave her names and phone numbers in three cities to call should she ever feel in danger.His driver on his movies was a Teamster, whose brother-in-law was Mickey Featherstone” (a confessed murderer and enforcer for an Irish Mafia gang).“The Teamsters? “I remember babbling, ‘Thank you, thank you.’ Off he went, and I did feel safer.”A New Woman the sad, sordid tale of Mia and Woody and Dylan and Soon-Yi and Mia’s other children, caught up in a major tabloid scandal.“The special part of going with Mia is dealing with the women and kids in the camps,” said Hamilton.“Her body language—how quickly they opened up to her—you can sense when someone is interested on a human-to-human level.”Mia’s activism began in 2000, when UNICEF asked her to go to Nigeria and help publicize a polio-eradication project.“I still go visit him.” In April 2009, after the International Criminal Court indicted Sudanese president Omar Hassan al-Bashir for atrocities and he ordered 40 percent of the humanitarian-aid workers out of the country in retaliation, Mia went on a hunger strike to raise awareness and put pressure on him. If you went over there, all you discussed was Africa.” Mia’s friend and neighbor Rose Styron—who is the widow of the author William Styron and has known Mia since she appeared on a boat with Sinatra in the 60s near the Styrons’ summer house on Martha’s Vineyard—feels very differently: “I can’t wait till she comes back from Chad or the Sudan.I’m her ear when she gets back.” Another neighbor, the novelist Philip Roth, says, “Mia has a conscience as big as the Ritz.

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