Carbon dating age universe

Again, God was playing farmer by planting the garden and letting it grow (Genesis 2:9).

Adam was placed into the garden "to work it and take care of it" (Genesis ).

In reality, the Bible makes no claim as to the age of the earth, although it does establish a minimum age.

This page examines some of the history of the controversy—what the Bible actually says and does not say—and the scientific evidence surrounding the age of the earth.

Although many Christians claim this makes the days exactly 24-hours in length, the Hebrew word translated "day" in English actually has three literal translations; the daylight portion of a 24-hour day, a 24-hour day, and a long, unspecified period of time (as in "day of the dinosaurs").

The Hebrew word translated "evening" also means "sunset," "night" or "ending of the day." The Hebrew word translated "morning" also means "sunrise," "coming of light," "beginning of the day," or "dawning," with possible metaphoric usage.

The Hebrew word dasha tells us that God used processes identical to what we see on the earth today. Some Christians claim that God could have sped up the process so that it all this sprouting and growing happened within a period of 24-hours.

Our English expression: "The dawning of an age" serves to illustrate this point.

The intended meaning of the word should be determined from the context.

Plants spouted, grew to maturity, and produced seeds. However, the text clearly states that the (soulish) animals, including the wild animals (carnivores), cattle (herbivores) and "creeping things" (rodents? Then God created Adam, the first man (Genesis , 2:7).

He placed the man into a special garden that He had planted (Genesis 2:8).

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