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Strong spine slant, impressions/scratches/scuffing to covers, a couple of turned corners. View more info the charming, heart-warming story of a delicate woman who "lied, cheated, gave her body or withheld it--did whatever would drive the men who loved her to further acts of destruction against themselves, against the decent women who loved them, against one another."; slant, creasing, impressions, ink numerals to inside front cover, general wear; View more info Contains twenty-two titillating stories by a variety of writers, and thirteen sex tips from "the woman whose name is synonymous with sexy." Stories include "Pass Interference," by Ellen Doyle, "The Viper's Loving Embrace," by Bev Ichan, "She Might as Well Name It," by Teri Canfield, "Scones and Moans," by Heather Willis, "The Good Wife," by Francis Underwood, "Screwed Over ... A bit of slant, original price blacked out, crosscrack, tanning, moderate general wear. A bit of spine roll, light edgewear, a small area of dampstaining to top left corner of inside front cover/top right corner of front end paper, moderate handling wear.View more info In an Alabama piny woods county the daughter of a wealthy man takes a hankerin' for a young hillbilly who clerks for her father. Impressions/scratches, thin reading crease, a bit of slant, previous owner's name, tanning.The fourth issue of a men's magazine featuring photographs of babes in the flesh, an interview with actor James Caan, a profile of musician Chuck Berry, fashion, reviews, cartoons, more naked babes, and other stuff, including two centrefolds. Cover soil, slant, price in magic marker to top right corner of front cover, mustiness.View more info The third issue of a men's magazine featuring photographs of unclad lovelies, as well as articles by such folks as Bernardt J. In 1955 the author published 'We Walk Alone,' a study of a lesbian by a lesbian, and it generated a surprising number of letters.Photograph front cover shows some bare-breasted woman apparently just as pleased as punch to... Originally published in 1945, by Phoenix; Lindsay also writes as Peggy Gaddis, and I have *no* idea why it's spelled "Quean," so don't ask; "Behind the scenes, scheming and torrid loving ran a full gamut of shocking events before the forces of lust and high passion are disentangled from the real love of a man and a woman." (one of the things that I like most about the cover blurbs on these old sleaze paperbacks is the tendency--no, the ... 153 pages 7 pages of advertisements for other SL titles. View more info What we have here is, umm, a story about, well, uh, I guess it's about women. View more info Cdn.; this is the one we've been waiting for, the story that "bares the truth about today's ambitious executives and their thrill-hungry wives."; horizontal crease to top third of front cover, some slant, horizontal crease to back cover, vertical impressions; internally tight and clean; View more info Paperback original. 174 pages several pages of ads for other Brandon House titles. "Nine liberated, with-it nurses report candidly and bluntly on their new uninhibited sex styles." (so how come *my* nurses always look like Miss Grundy on 'ludes? View more info A single guy bored with teaching in the big city nonetheless enjoys a variety of physical experiences with a variety of nubile young wenches before taking a teaching job in a rural setting where he enjoys a variety of physical experiences with a variety of nubile young wenches. View more info "The story of a love that dared not tell its name" (although I'm betting it's Olivia).View more info "A powerful novel about a sensuous woman with too much money -- but never enough loving! You won't find many smut novels containing the word "parallelogram" (and even fewer with it spelled correctly), but then again, you're not liable to come across the phrase "my full-fleshed thighs" in a geometry text, either, so I suppose that it balances out. Sunned spine, slight slant, foxing, some water staining. This one blesses us with the amorous adventures of a guy who is "a tiger in the boardroom and boudoir alike," and who, in his new job, finds himself "trapped in a custom-built harem where anything goes! A bit of spine slant, rubbing, edgewear, reading crease to spine. 127 pages 1-page advertisement for other Berkley titles, cover by Robert Maguire. View more info A flagellation classic, apparently, originally published in German in 1840.A guy from "the dark, dead end of the street," and a woman from "the lighted and lively," end find themselves "swinging between two worlds, loveless and wasted by lust." Rubbing, light edgewear, lightly sunned strip across top edge of front cover. View more info A not-too-bright white sophomore thinks that an attractive black prostitute is spending the weekend with him because she is impressed with his manhood and pretense of a criminal career, and she thinks she's going to get a hundred bucks, or at least a steady investment. Full-length crease to left side of front cover, edgewear all around, creases to top right corner of front cover, creases to right side of back cover, some tanning, moderate ... Or, as the copy on the back cover would have it, "this daring novel tackles the ever-recurring problem of the office wife." 155 pages. View more info "An unvarnished story of sex in the raw." Allegedly by an 18-year-old girl, the publisher assures us that her "knowledge of what men and women do together is far beyond her years." And no publisher, in the history of publishing, has ever been wrong or tried to mislead its readers, so we know that this truth in its purest form. "A Haunting tale of Lesbos--Its Jealousies, Its Passions and Its Pleasure-Shackled Prisoners." After her first lesbian experience, a young woman decides that she will do any- and everything for her new lover (I bet if I ever had a first lesbian experience I'd feel exactly the same way). The town of Zetra had turned into a sinkhole of shame, with shocking alliances being formed, shattered, and reformed at every moment.

But soon every lustful male was queuing up to experience Mike Hunt." 159 pages. Spine slant/roll, edgewear all around, chipping to spine end corners, light cover soil, impressions/scratches, fore-edges of first few pages a little tattered, text block just beginning to pull a bit from cover, 1.25" tear to fore-eges of pages 153-160. 160 pages, cover illustration by Albert Augustus Nuetzel. A woman consumed by what she calls "that strong hunger" needs a man, but doesn't care to be married to him, because when he's away she knows that she'll be, well, setting herself a place at the meat table to feed "that strong hunger." 156 pages.View more info Originally published in Russian, and here translated from that language by Nina N. Nature in the raw in TROPICAL DESIRES." No publisher pays more attention to detail than a smut publisher, and nothing is more important to a smu...Selivanova, this is "the classic story of a Russian brothel." From the back cover: "When 'Yama' was first published the Russian censorship mutilated it beyond recognition. View more info We have Jerry and Kathy and Rick and Marty, four hot-blooded folks in perpetual rut, who "practice their liberated views and join a nudest colony." (That's right, that's what it says right there on the front end paper: a nudest colony -- as in, one supposes, "she was nude, he was nuder, but she was nudest.") 154 pages. View more info "The amorous adventures of a restless man who tangled with two many women in too many ways!View more info A guy blessed with "amazing virility," but just y'know, gosh, shucks, shy as the dickens, contents himself with watching Lovers Lane-type couples until his writing abilities land him in the big city, where he finds himself involved with Adele and Lenore and Leisha and enough participatory action to keep him out of the Peeping Tom circuit for the foreseeable future. Dusty/tanned edges, moderate edgewear, dampstaining to spine/right edge of... View more info Three young women learn "the heartbreak and rapture of love..the French Quarter! Some spine slant, light rubbing, a hint of edgewear, a couple of very short (1/8") edge tears, mild wear to corners/spine ends, moderate general wear. An Amazon, a dancer and a sweet young thing all have the hots for the same guy. Some spine slat, reading creases/handling wear, crease to top left corner of back cover. Internally tight and clean (and let's face it: isn't that what we all want in our reading material? View more info paperback original; just your average cast of boring characters in this one, nothing special at all; we've got "Staley and Alva--An executive and his employee's wife, 'Mr.View more info A classic in the field of erotica, first published in 1887, and the basis for the 1976 porno film of the same name. A fairly nice copy of a relatively uncommon printing. View more info A wealthy actress gets her jollies by watching "a girl shuddering and moaning with delight beneath an undulating male figure," so naturally she marries a guy who wants only wealth, "providing he did not have to work, commit murder, or make love to another man." Spine slant/roll, light rubbing, mild edgewear, light handling wear, tanning. There's an epidemic of attractive girls who go missing for twenty-four hours, who return with no idea where they went, with whom, or what was done to their luscious little bodies during that time, and the intrepid hero of this literary masterpiece is hired by one of 'em to find out. and Mrs.' on the motel register./Rona and Jan--Two girls more interested in each other than in any man./Karl and Frank--They had violent ideas about women, and were ready to fight each other for their next victim./A relentless tale of thirteen men and women who could hide their stored-up passions f... In the first one a bed-hopping co-ed is "in search of satisfaction from her classmates who can provide her with after-class carnal action," whereas the second tome gives us the story of a young lawyer who causes "a sexual fury with members of the jury, by personally demonstrating her laws of lust." 179 & 180 pages, respectively. View more info "The seductive Miss Sarah Callender, late of the Passion Flower bordello which fourished briefly in the girls' gym at Bryant House School, makes her devastating onslaught on London." 128 pages.Well, not all women, just some women, but with other women who want to do the sort of stuff that those kinda women want to. Faint diagonal crease along bottom right portion of front cover, two slightly miscut corner tips (a printer's flaw affecting front end paper and title page), one page folded diagonally (presumably previous ...View more info Cdn.; paperback original; "She wanted kicks, not she knew where to get them." (I *thought* I recognized her.); slant, reading crease, sunning, rubbing, 1/4" tear to fore-edge of front cover and decreasing in length through first couple of dozen pages, general wear; View more info A twenty-story anthology of "erotic fiction written by women for women." 334 pages.According to the publisher's foreword, a pair of swapping couples read this tome before it went to print, and they gave it four thumbs up (probably a couple of other things, too). Many of them were willing to help her attain stage or radio fame in exchange for value received. Shallow impressions to top right corner of front end paper, mild general wear. "Having lustfully conquered his studies at Oxford, our hero is now free to enjoy the sexual extravaganza that is London society." And apparently he does, since his "carnal appetite is only outstripped by the women in his life." 218 pages. Light rubbing, 1/2" separation to bottom right spine edge, subsequent cre...And of course the publisher assures us that the intent, here, is to aid in the gathering of knowledge about the sexual society in which we live. A near-50-year-old "connoisseur of women" makes plans to score with both a "seductive teener" and her "still shapely enough" mother (well, I guess we all need a hobby). In the first story we have "A runaway girl searching for fulfillment," but finding "only a series of meaningless good times, wild parties and pointless kicks," (poor, poor thing), while the second little contribution to literature gives us yet another runaway girl who thinks that moving into a boarding house near a beach will keep her "safe from the prying eyes of men she didn't like, safe from advances which revolted her," but as ... But Margo's particular yen was Red Thompson, popular orchestra leader, and he was 'staked out' territory for Carlotta Rogers, soul-throbbing t... Rubbing, impressions, a bent page corner, light tanning, moderate general wear. Internally tight and clean, and quite possibly unread. Rubbing, some creasing/scraping to top right corner of front cover, moderate handling wear. View more info "A harlot in the bedroom, a lady in the dining room, and in every crisis of her life--a child." Sticker pull to front cover (which previous owner has filled in with magic-marker, and which bleeds through to inside front cover), creases to bottom left corner of back cover, faint circular stains to back cover where apparently a glass was placed, previous owner's initials at top of first end paper.View more info touching upon the trials and tribulations of such porn-/obscenity-world notables as Ralph Ginzburg, Sam Roth, Allen Ginsberg and Lenny Bruce, among others, the author (from the front flap): "gives an incisive--and lively--view of pornography and the fantastic confusion engulfing efforts to restrain it.The book's reasoned valuation of the pros and cons of censorship is antidoctrinaire: it questions alike the stridence of the bluenoses and the extremism of self-procla... Desires were sought after and there would be no pussyfooting about in the avid search for physical satiation of hungers of hard working, virile men and their compliant women.

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