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You can also learn basic grammar rules that learners often find tricky or tend to forget.

You will practice speaking in a safe and supervised online live chatroom, and meet other students who want to practice their foreign language. Simply click on the times below to register for one of the Chirp Room classes.

I am a native Spanish speaker, born and live in Venezuela, where I have also studied diligently to learn English.

Having taught at multiple institutions in the past, I’ve become familiar with several approaches that will prove useful as we work together.

It consists of a teacher moderator facilitating a group conversation of students learning the same language.

You will be “Chirping” in a live video chat room and meeting students from all over the world with similar interests.

I’m really looking forward to sharing the Spanish language with you!

Language Bird Italian Teacher I am from Italy and I was lucky to be able to travel, live and study in many different countries of Europe (Holland, Spain, Estonia, Italy).

All these adventures allowed me to experience and learn the diversity and richness of Europe culture and languages beyond the borders of my own country.

Install video chat app for free and join our growing online community!

The Chirp Room is an online chatroom for students interested in interacting with other students to practice a foreign language.

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