Blind dating film review

Full of temerity, Danny continually attempts to defy the stigma attached to his blindness, which bothers him so much that he goes to extraordinary lengths to dupe people into believing he can see.He walks around the city without a cane or guide dog and continually bumps into things.

A visit to his ophthalmologist leads to a brief encounter with Leeza (Anjali Jay), the compassionate young receptionist who immediately takes interest in the cynical Danny.

Subtly at first (an ever-present laptop perched on a windowsill), then more obviously, Vogt introduces the suggestion that Ingrid spends much of her time writing, creating a fictional narrative that allows her to see in her mind what she can no longer see with her eyes.

At the center of Ingrid’s story is Elin (Vera Vitali), a single mother newly relocated to Oslo from Sweden, who becomes an object of affection for Einar (the wonderful Marius Kolbenstvedt), a shy shut-in whose appetite for Internet porn rivals matches or exceeds that of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character in last year’s “Don Jon” (complete with a similarly explicit onscreen montage), and who spies on Elin from his apartment across the street.

The substance of the film tends to lean on Dannys handicap and his character arc turns on accepting his disability.

He struggles with the question of his appearance: is he attractive?

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