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Splitting a line can cause the polarity to get buggered, meaning one box would get even channels and the other get odd. Bell is an idiotic company that I never want to be with as a customers! Have you ever heard how Bell scams and frauds people? Make sure you contact them about buying your friends receiver, so they can advise you just how to do it, so they don't get suspicious, and I think there is so much fraud, they want to make sure the transfer of receivers is done on the up and up.

Your friend is also going to need some of the codes and numbers listed on the label on the back of the receiver... If its new just regular and not HD or PVR and its a compact fat square its a 4100, if its not HD or PVR but older and a thin longer rectangle its probably a 3200.

They had to do this to bypass the 2 different billing dates.

So not only was I stuck with a double large one bill they charged me 50 cents on each for a late payment fee.

They assume if it wasn't pirated, the piraters would be subscribers. That doesn't make it legal but its hardly a capital crime either.

Its not like drag racing down a residential street and killing a cab driver/father.

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