Autism and online dating Sexchat without credit

All around me I see people that I imagine are so much more content than me.

I see families sharing meals, laughs, conversations and I’m envious.

This was the note she wrote at the end of her second day at an adult day program with The Kennedy Center for Special Needs here in Connecticut.

Stayed tuned for more from the adult world of autism.

The older and less cute that we both became, the more difficult that became until I am a ghost of the woman I used to be.

I used to have friends that had typically developing children but those relationships faded as I became more and more consumed with my son’s care.

I imagine that they are enjoying a life that is so much more fulfilling than mine.

I think that they are more connected, committed to one another and that there is always someone around to lend a hand.

The friends I have now are all doing what I’m doing – caring for a special needs child and surviving.

We used to see one another many moons ago, but our energy for causes and working for the greater good waned as our kids got older.

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