Aura dating

There's something in the air during that initial moment upon laying eyes on your lover for the first time.It's almost unexplainable, really: There is absolutely nothing tangible to this feeling, but you can surely sense something else unknown is drawing you to your new love interest. This is a sexual aura, revealing itself in its finest form.One who is golden is his or her truest self around anyone and has no problem letting his or her freak flag fly.In fact, golden auras are so in tune with their sexualities, they just about it in every single breath.Treat this partner like a pink flower and your love will blossom into a formidable union that will last a lifetime.Blue auras are some of the rarest auras in the entire world.Unlike someone with a red aura, you may leave out all the intimate or kinky details from your sexcapades.Pink auras are the most gentle and emotional of all auras in the spectrum.

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A golden aura is attractive to just about anyone, for the pure fact that it is golden more than anything else.

Pink auras will be forever unconditional and loyal if they feel you are their soulmate.

Pink auras also tend to be the most romantic and sensitive of the bunch.

This is one of their best traits, as those with red or purple auras tend to fiend love more than they give it to others.

Someone with a silver aura will surely keep you entranced and gleaming throughout your entire life.

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