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Both speak volumes about the wondrous nature of God the Creator.

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This trope applies not only to theatre and motion picture, but also to several sports, such as gymnastics, and arts, such as ballet, where the athletes rise to the top very young and the career is likely to be short.

Historical critical scholarship tells us that the plural likely stems from exilic, post-exilic understandings of the heavenly court.

Thus, Yahweh declares to the heavenly court, “let us make humankind in our image.” That does make some sense of the text, especially since the concept of the Trinity would have been foreign to those who wrote Genesis.

One way to envision creation through a Trinitarian lens is to read Genesis 1 in light of John 1, especially John1:3a, which declares concerning God the Word— “All things came into being through him, and without him not one thing came into being.” As the reading from Genesis 1 declares, what has come into being is good.

Returning to the traces of the Trinity in verses 26-27, we can contemplate the use of the plural when God speaks of the creation of humanity in God’s image.

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