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Spank Rock also rolls big with an extended crew that makes the adventures of fictional actor Vincent Chase on the TV series Entourage [one episode even featured the Spank Rock tune “Bump”] seem like a kindergarten field trip.

Among this crew is Plastic Little, whose recent release, She’s Mature, is a hilarious jab at the world of hip-hop while still being rap for the thinking man.

“What pisses me off the most is when people aren’t being creative in what they do or when there is like one artist or group that does something new or groundbreaking and they you’ll start to see people doing the same thing, not just with popular hip-hop but the underground stuff as well. So, really the lack of creativity is really what the problem is.

Juwan recalls, “They used to joke around in the projects and call my mom the black hippy because she had a whole lot of records from like Bowie, Chicago, Yes, and shit like that.” Just about every track from Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo is suitable for getting a groove on or getting blunted in a beanbag chair.

The album is rife with sexual innuendo though classy in how it’s pulled off – a feat not seen in hip-hop since the Jungle Brothers first pulled it off in the late 80’s.

Perhaps some of the extra-forceful disdain is owing to the fact that Blank sort of feels like the last bulwark between some imagined indie community of shared self-awareness and an outright void of crassness.

Either she's working too hard to construct a mimetic parody of materialistic fuck-pop, or she's not working hard enough to separate herself from it.

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