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He speaks in a monotone and has the personality of a dying gnat.I tried to explain that I don’t get out often and he couldn’t care less.

First of all, how can your company employ such insensitive employees.This guy has seen me in the store on a number of occasions and he is the one who sold me the pop figures in the first place.Because of this experience, I will no longer shop in your stores.Today I was out for an appointment so I went by to allow my daughter to exchange 2 Stranger Things Funko Pop Figures that she got duplicates of for Christmas.The clerk told me that it is against their policy to accept returns after January 15th, for Christmas.Still have no confirmation that this was ever sent even though I asked them to send a confirmation to my email. I have ordered every year on game stop for the past 10 years and have never had these problems. Reply Had I read the dozens upon dozens of complaints across the Internet that exist concerning dealings with Game Stop I would have been more careful in dealing with them.Instead of doing research first, I made the mistake of placing an order with them.Game Stop began in 1984 in Dallas, Texas as Babbage’s. The company was kept afloat by Leonard Riggio, of Barnes and Noble. In 1996, the company had 800 total stores and filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.Never have used this company before, I did so because of a special deal they were running. From what I found out later, the company makes it absolutely impossible for customers to cancel and order once placed from them.After completing the order, I saw a better deal on Best Buy’s online site. There is no email link to write customer support anywhere on their site.

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    Make sure that differences are discussed privately beforehand so that the decision is a consensus.” Meaning they’re too quick to make their exit when the going gets tough.

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