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As many as seven opponents may be fought in a single stage.One of the opponents includes the rival, which is programmed to be harder than the other opponents.The player can choose between a small, normal-sized, and big board to play on..In their respective modes, Master Hand and Crazy Hand construct challenges for the player.Playing Crazy Orders requires the player to either use a pass or pay gold; the player can then play any number of challenges to rack up rewards within a set time limit before facing Crazy Hand in a final battle.If the player loses at any point they lose some of their rewards. It offers many short demos of past Nintendo games that can be played for a certain amount of time.

Events are arranged in a grid, however, and the path forward reveals itself when the player completes a given event. The following is a list of the Masterpieces: The Wii U version's Classic Mode operates in a different manner from that of the 3DS version.Smash Tour is a board game mode in which players (as Miis) travel around a board by spinning a wheel, collecting fighters and power-ups for their fighters scattered around the board. If two players cross paths, then all players are pitted into a Smash battle for a reward, and the winner obtains a fighter from one of the other players.Players may also obtain items that can be used to trigger various effects, and random events may also occur on the board.Checkpoints are also scattered around the board which boost players' stats when they pass over them.After all the turns have ended, players fight in a Stock match using their stat boosts, their stock based on the fighters they collected.In this special game mode, most stages are restricted when five or six players are playing and even more when seven or eight are playing; in stages that are playable in 8-Player Smash, stage hazards such as bosses and other features are removed for optimization purposes, though stage incompatibility has shown to be mostly arbitrary, with even some incompatible stages featuring 8-Player spawn points.Smash Tour is a new mode serving as the exclusive mode for the Wii U version.The Wii U version does not make much use of the Game Pad's touch screen during gameplay.However, in addition to Off-TV Play, the Wii U Game Pad can display in-battle stats, such as damage known for, up to eight players can join a single battle.An option of four teams is allowed, with the yellow team serving as a new team color choice.

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