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The show to the south, filled with sex scandals and political hand-wringing, is a distraction that is amusing and riveting. Take the backlash against the tax “fairness” proposals this summer to raise taxes paid by doctors, farmers and small businesses. Canada, in other words, is not a problem on the trade front with the United States. enjoys a growing surplus over Canada which is also its biggest customer. corporate rates to 20 per cent are not a problem, according to a recent analysis by Scotiabank.

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I’m Asian American, and what I have consistently found is that when I am dating someone, once the relationship becomes committed, the tone of the relationship changes and suddenly I am asked or expected to perform subservient duties–cooking, cleaning, child care, pet care, all these kinds of things.

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Today, people from all sorts of backgrounds and across all ages are looking at online dating as an acceptable and even reliable option for finding their partners.

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