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In the United States, three: the original 1975-91 daytime series, the 1983-current nighttime run, and the 1997-98 spinoff Wheel 2000. The daytime show's demise can be traced back to several factors, all following Pat's departure: Daytime Wheel took its last bow on September 20, 1991 after three weeks of repeats.

While the child-oriented version followed in its adult predecessors' footsteps by consistently being #1 among CBS' children's programming, it finished (after its last first-run episode on February 7, 1998) in 46th place overall with approximately 350,000 viewers.

While creator Merv Griffin and Lin Bolen (then NBC's Vice President of Daytime Programming) did not like it, admitting its shortcomings during the show's E!

True Hollywood Story, Shopper's Bazaar nonetheless exists and can be found online. The most likely reasons why it has never aired on television are its length (30 minutes without commercials) and music rights, as instrumental versions of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" and "Spinning Wheel" were used as the main and commercial outro themes, respectively.

(The reason why the taping period for the daytime show at Television City is uncertain is due to the official Television City website, which has a list of what shows taped in which studios going back to September 1953.

A handful of markets carry the two game shows on separate affiliates, though they are never scheduled to air at the same time. The episodes shown on Saturdays are always repeats from the previous season.I also have a much smaller setup I use on occasion to save gas.I am about ten years younger than you but want to do some actual traveling since I have some spare money after my father’s passing.August 8, 1983, the same day "Changing Keys" became the main theme.The nighttime show, which began taping in early July 1983, had the chant from its first episode. The show has been exported to quite a few countries since 1975; info on them can be found here, including two adaptations of Wheel 2000.This was still better than the average for the entire lineup CBS was offering that season, which continually ran a distant fourth with a 0.5 (about 190,000 viewers).On January 8, with five episodes left to air, CBS announced that it would be overhauling its weekend schedule, replacing everything with new cartoons by Nelvana (Anatole, Mythic Warriors, Birdz, and Flying Rhino Junior High).Any stations that did air Wheel that day showed the repeat that was originally scheduled for Saturday the 12th.Unlike weekday airings of Wheel, stations are allowed to air weekend repeats outside of the usual evening timeslot, sometimes airing them earlier, later, or on Sundays instead, usually when other programming pre-empts the Saturday timeslot.Given the number of years Wheel of Fortune has been on and the scope of this Wiki, it is no surprise that there are some frequently-asked questions about various elements. If you have any questions for this page, feel free to ask on the talk page.You may also want to see Misconceptions and Myths, which addresses and responds to various rumors that have come up over the years.

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