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Psychologist Mindy Beth Lipson, who specializes in working with patients working through relationship and parenting issues, and more, sees one of the most common regrets faced by those in their 40s is a concern about having wasted time in their earlier years.

“When we are young, we may have a bucket list that seems endless but when we are in our 40s we may wonder why we are not billionaires or in a better career or never took that chance on ourselves when it came to our personal goals,” she says.

Looking back on your life, there’s around a 99% chance you’ll have at least some regrets about decisions you’ve made, paths not taken, or how you behaved when you were too young and foolish to know better. Here are some of the most common regrets people in their 40s feel, with insight from experts in finance, wellness, psychology and more—along with a few tips on how to overcome.

And for more great advice on aging, don’t miss the 40 Things No One Over 40 Should Ever Do.

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“The person you lend money to may never repay you may pay you back later than expected or may keep asking you to lend them money over and over again (which can eventually lead to a depletion in your personal funds).” When it comes down to it, time spent with the people we love is maybe the most important way we should be spending our days—yet it’s also one of the easiest things to postpone or forget about altogether.

Better to have tried and failed than to have never tried.” “When you reach 40, you realize that most of the stress and worry of your youth never panned out,” says Bennett. “Borrowing money from someone is also considered a risk for the very same reasons,” she says.

“Over the years, the money adds up and can really leave you in a financial hole by the time you are 40.” On the flip side, lending too much money or to the wrong person is a regret that is likely to bite you as you get older.

“Before we know it, we are in our 40s and there is too much month at the end of the money.” And for some stellar money-saving tips, read up on the 14 Money-Saving Habits You Need to Adopt This Year.

By the time you are in your 40s, many of your health and lifestyle habits may be deeply ingrained, and by this age, you quickly realize how hard it is to break these habits—and how much you need to.

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