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My boyfriend, a divorced father, is incredibly happy too.Unexpected pregnancies don't come without inconvenience, though, so here's our dilemma: His ex-wife remarried shortly after their divorce to her high school boyfriend.The target of these remarks does have an odor, but it is due to having a catheter.I am getting sick of hearing these things and I know that it's not right to talk about another person like this especially when there are specific medical reasons behind their problems. Because it is such a small office complete avoidance of the mean girl is not an option.Unfortunately, he wasn't fully prepared to become a stepparent, and she discovered he'd developed a really nasty temper since they'd graduated.They divorced this past April, and she's still understandably devastated about her second divorce in five years.Well, one morning when they were here, my fiance was showering and I was making everyone breakfast. I acted casual about it like I hadn't noticed and he said he was looking for a sweater that my fiance had offered to let him wear. I haven't told my fiance and I'm not sure if I should because I know he gets along so well with his mom and dad. A: For all of you who are dreading the holidays with your overbearing in-laws, you now have a beautiful mantra to repeat to get you through Thanksgiving: "At least my father-in-law is not sniffing my dirty panties." Eek, indeed, and your future father-in-law is a rather bold pervert if he is willing to sneak into your laundry basket while his son is in the shower and you are down the hall.I stepped in our bedroom for a moment to get something and found my fiance's dad sniffing a pair of my panties from the laundry basket. This is a repulsive image, one that will be hard to eradicate in the decades to come.

I know many recovering alcoholics who are married to people who enjoy having a glass of wine in their presence and all is fine.

Just that he has to understand his dad has a problem and you are going to do your best to be warm and cordial, but keep your distance. Mean Girl at the Office: I work in a very small office (3 women and 4 men).

One of the women constantly talks about one of our co-workers in a disparaging manner—commenting on the person's presentation and odor.

A: I think you, and possibly another likeminded colleague, should go out for coffee with the office scourge and coolly and professionally explain to her that you're disturbed by her disparagement of your co-worker and that she needs to stop.

Reiterate that your colleague has medical issues, and her insults have no place in your place of work.

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